Do Kybella Injections Really Work?

Do Kybella Injections Really Work


Professional fat reduction treatments may be beneficial if you have a double chin or full neck that refuses to go away regardless of practicing a healthy diet and regular exercise. Kybella injections may be the answer for men and women who want a slimmer neckline but aren’t willing to take part in the expenditure and downtime attributed to cosmetic surgery.

Although other non-invasive methods claim to reduce fat, most of these methods are only marginally effective. On the other hand, an innovative injectable treatment called Kybella mimics the body’s natural process of absorbing fat cells. If you go to an experienced aesthetic center, you may be able to enjoy the benefits of Kybella without having to undergo a surgical or laser procedure.

What Is Kybella?

Deoxycholic acid is marketed under the brand name Kybella. You can find this same substance is naturally produced by your body in your digestive system. It aids in the breakdown of fats, making them easier to digest. Deoxycholic acid is also used in food as an emulsifier. Likewise, It is a non-surgical treatment option for lipomas, non-cancerous tumors made of fat cells.

Safe And FDA-Approved

Liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries were the only choices for removing fat from the body back then. However, thanks to Kybella, you won’t have to experience these hassles, and the treatment consists of only a few minutes of direct injections. Also, these injections are entirely painless.

You won’t have to worry about its safety because the FDA approved it in November 2015. Since Kybella is primarily used to handle double chins, most medical spas offer it at a reasonable price to patients. Furthermore, unlike a surgical procedure, the treatment does not require much downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately.

Do you require the removal of fat lumps? You get to choose which part your body needs working on, and your provider will ensure it happens.

Why Do I Have Double Chin Despite Practicing Proper Diet And Excercise?

Even after losing weight, some patients still have trouble with excess body fat under their chin. Even patients who have consistently kept a healthy weight can develop a double chin at some point. Many men and women have stubborn neck fat because of:

  • Hereditary/Genetics: If your family has a double chin history, you will likely have one too.
  • Weight fluctuations caused by hormone changes 
  • Age

How It Works

The deoxycholic acid used in the Kybella treatment effectively melts fat lumps in the submental region. But how did they come up with such a unique ingredient? Actually, the acid is not novel; instead, what is novel is how scientists use it in a way that allows it to be used in a risk-free fashion for the submental fat area.

Deoxycholic Acid Disintegrates Fats

The liver produces deoxycholic acid, which is then deposited in the gallbladder. Your body requires this acid to disintegrate lipids, which are fat molecules found in foods. The acid also aids in cholesterol regulation by relocating excess cholesterol from the blood into the intestine, where it is excreted as waste.

Medical experts investigated how deoxycholic acid can be used reliably on your skin’s submental fat areas after learning about its properties. They quickly developed safe approaches, and they were even able to develop a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. Because of their efforts, your provider can use the acid to attack fat cells beneath the skin while posing no threat to other cells.

However, the acid cannot disintegrate all fat molecules, as illustrated by our continued weight gain when overeating.

Who’s A Right Candidate?

It is critical to consult with your doctor before beginning the Kybella treatment. It will not only guarantee that you are a good candidate for the treatment but will also ensure that the treatment is performed correctly. You will need to review your medical records, including any other procedures done on your face, neck, or chin.

Discuss any prior bleeding experiences with your aesthetic expert so that they can adequately equip you for the procedure. This procedure does not require surgical intervention and requires very little preparation. You still need to plan this well in anticipation of any significant events.

Inform your aesthetician about all prescription drugs you are taking, whether they are prescribed, over-the-counter, or any other type of drugs, including minerals and vitamin supplements. Also, notify your provider if you are currently taking anti-clotting medications or pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen-containing bruising after treatment. Similarly, inform them if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or planning to conceive soon.

On a related note, you should know that Kybella is only recommended when your weight is stable. You won’t see any outcomes from using Kybella to handle fat lumps if you continue to gain weight. Confer with your primary provider to see if you are eligible for the treatment.

Do Kyella Injections Really Work?

Patients can expect a 20–30% reduction in fat volume with a single Kybella treatment, resulting in a visibly slimmer neckline. Most patients will need a series of 2–3 treatments spaced about 3–4 weeks apart to achieve their wanted contour. It’s worth noting that Kybella is designed to target small quantities of stubborn submental fat. Cosmetic surgery may be a better option for patients with a substantial amount of double chin fat, sagging neck skin, or other more complex concerns.

How Long Will It Last?

Unlike other aesthetic treatments that must be repeated at periodic intervals, Kybella is meant to generate long-term results after just one treatment. Patients should ensure a good, stable weight to maintain these results over time. Putting on weight after receiving Kybella injections can cause existing fat cells to grow and new fat cells to develop.


If you’re self-conscious about your double chin, you realize how tough it can be to take flattering photos and choose the right outfit. With Kybella injections, you can accomplish the sleeker, more natural neckline you’ve always desired and feel confident in your appearance. So if you are interested in the treatment, contact our clinic, Central Oregon Aesthetics. We offer services that help address skin and other wellness concerns. 

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