Maximizing Results: Combining SkinPen Microneedling With Skincare Products

SkinPen Microneedling by Centraloregon aesthetics in NY

  Advancements in the beauty industry constantly introduce new and innovative treatments to achieve flawless, youthful skin. Among these breakthroughs, SkinPen microneedling has emerged as a trendy option. This procedure utilizes the body’s innate healing abilities to enhance the appearance of diverse skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and hyperpigmentation. However, the magic unfolds […]

What’s the difference between microneedling and SkinPen?

What's the difference between microneedling and SkinPen

The world of microneedling is a magical place where non-invasive skin rejuvenation is possible, a time-tested technique that’s been used for thousands of years. But how does it work? Microneedling is a treatment that uses tiny needles to pierce the skin, creating microchannels in the dermis. These channels allow blood vessels to expand, stimulating collagen […]

Can Microneedling Help Bags Under Eyes?

Can Microneedling Help Bags Under Eyes

Many have known and trusted microneedling for the longest time. For some, it became their go-to skin treatment where they find an instant glow and, overall, the results they desire. Studies show that patients suffering from the effects of aging are mostly the ones who return to microneedling. We have known it to be efficient […]

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